Rucha A. Kshirsagar

PhD Student
Academic Profile
Post Graduation:M.Sc (Microbiology): Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat
Graduation:R.Y.K. College of Science, Nashik (Maharashtra).
Project Title:Characterization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae synaptonemal complex proteins.

Meiosis is a specialized type of sexual reproduction which results in formation of four haploid gametes from diploid cells. Unlike mitosis, in meiosis two rounds of chromosome segregation follow a single round of DNA replication as a result of which the chromosome number is reduced to half. In meiotic recombination, the paternal and the maternal chromosomes exchange segments of DNA giving rise to recombinant molecule that contains information from both, paternal and maternal chromosomes resulting in generation of genetic diversity.

In sexually reproduction organism’s meiotic recombination takes place in the context of a meiosis specific, tripartite protinaceous structure -‘Synaptonemal complex’. Mutants that are defective in SC formation eventually show defects in meiotic recombination such as chromosome mis-segragation.

We aim to understand the role of synaptonemal complex proteins in chromosome synapsis, chromosome segregation.

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