Mangesh Kaulage

PhD Student
Academic Profile
Post Graduation:M.Sc (Organic Chemistry): Shivaji University, Maharashtra
Graduation:B.Sc (Chemistry) : Shivaji University, Maharashtra
Project Title:Targeting G-quadruplex and I-motif like secondary structures in gene promoter

The GC rich sequences embeded in some of the eukaryotic promotor(s) can potentially fold into DNA secondary structural elements such as G quadruplex and I-motifs. G-quadruplexes fold into numerous conformations depending upon sequence, ionic strength and other solution conditions.

The focus of my research involves the characterization of G quadruplex and I-motif like secondary structures in promotor sequences of normal and proto-oncogenes and design and synthesis of small molecules that can potentially serve as therapeutic molecules. Furthermore, I would like to understand the role of various transcription factors such as nucleolin, CNBP, NM23-H2 and Sp1 which are known to bind and regulate the activity of GC rich promoter(s) in vivo.

  • Maji, B., Kumar, K., Kaulage, M., Muniyappa, K., and Bhattacharya, S.(2014). Design and synthesis of new benzimidazole-carbazole conjugates for the stabilization of human telomeric DNA, telomerase inhibition, and their selective action on cancer cells. J Med Chem 57, 6973-6988. | Pubmed